Boom Beach MOD Magma Statue Buff Simulation -- Troop Damage and HP Up by %


Magma Statue Buff Simulation

·Troop HP UP by %

·Troop Damage UP by %

For other features: plz see  Boom Beach Comprehensive Guide

Demo Video:

How to use:

1.Magma Statue Buff Simulation is an advanced feature for Simulate Attack. It includes two functions – Troop HP Up by % and Troop Damage UP by %. It is used for simulating Magma Statue Buff in Simulation.


In normal game, the buff of Magma includes Troop Damage and HP and can be superimposed or summed up with multiple values. Power Powder doubles the effect of Magma Statue within a period of time.


2.By entering values in these two settings, you can set troop damage or hp buff to your preference. Say, you wanna simulate a Power-up 7% statue.

Just input 14% and play sandbox!


It can also be used for Fun or to pick out your fav Statue Combinations when combined with [Set Energy], another advanced feature of Simulate Attack that allows you to control Warship Energy.


3.When set in “0”, it means using the default base buff of your own.



4.If you wanna check multiple buffs under Power Powder, double the buff power-up and sum them up.