Tutorial for Copy Player Layout & Dead Base Search

Copy Player Layout & Dead Base Ssearch Released for Clash of Clans

【Demo Video】-- Copy Player Layout

【Demo Video】-- Dead Base Search

Written Guide:

【Copy Player Layout】 – Save PERFECT Layout for you. No need to drag walls for the night!

This powerful feature can record any base layout you load in Clash of Clans for your War Base.

1. Turn ON the feature.


2. Then you can Visit/Scout/Replay/Search/Attack/Revenge any player.  Stay there for at least 5s. 
The layout data of the base you view will be saved automatically. Then return to your base.

Note: If you use Sandbox from Replay & Realtime Traps in Farming or Sandbox, or it’s Visit between clanmates or friends, you can also copy the Traps/Teslas.

 Also, note that once you use sandbox from replay, any base you visit will be the base you replayed. So turn OFF Sandbox from Replay if you wish to record other bases. 


 3. Tap on the Base Layout Editor at the right edge. Then to the War Base Tab (IMPORTANT: Not Farm Base Tab). Then Tap Edit Layout.

4. The base you saved will be copied there. Edit the Traps and Tap Finish. Note: If the base load can see traps/teslas, you can also copy them here. 

5. For the next save, you have to turn ON this feature again. If you copied a farming base in the war base Save slot, tap on Copy Layout and Transfer it to Home Village Save slot. 

【Dead Base Search】-- a set of advanced search conditions that facilitate farming. Dead Base is usually easier to farm and get good loot. The conditions filter bases by Production in Gold Mines/Elixir Collectors/Dark Elixir Drills.


1. Gold Mine/Elixir Collector Production:

This detects Mine/Collector production in the base. 

Advice: You can search by either of these conditions, since normally in dead base these values are closely correlated.  

2. Dark Elixir Drill Production

The condition of finding the required dark elixir is stricter. 


Please do not open too many search conditions for searching Dead bases. 

If you use these sets of conditions. You can turn off other strict conditions like Townhall near edge, common loot search etc.

We recommend turn OFF Meet all conditions.

e.g. Set Gold more than 200,000 and Gold Mine Production more than 200,000. So you can guarantee the gold. And hopefully find dead bases with Gold Loot in Full Mine more than 200,000.