Clash of Clans Mod-Visible Traps in Sandbox Attack From Replay

[ONLY applicable to two occasions]:  

1. Clan War 

2. Sandbox Your Own Base (Test Self-defense).

[How to use]

Just 4 steps and you can see traps and teslas and enemy troops as well in the Sandbox.

1. Turn on 【Sandbox attack】 and 【Sandbox from replay】.

2. Go to clan war on BATTLE DAY or WAR RESULTS to look for enemy bases that has been attacked once with replay.


3. Watch the replay to get the trap data and then return.

watch replay.jpg

4. Sandbox the same base. Enjoy! You can see Traps and enemy’s troops automatically now in Sandbox!


5.If you want to sandbox attack another base from replay,you must first watch the replay first! then repeat steps.

【Important Note!!!】:

①Turn OFF Sandbox from Replay,if you want to simulate other bases.

Or it will always be the last base you watch from the replay.

E.g. you watch replay 1 and then replay 2.

When you simulate with Sandbox from replay ON, it’s replay 2’s base.

Every time you enter the visit or scout when Sandbox from replay is ON, the base is always the replay base.


②No Need to Set Enemy Castle Troop when Sandbox From Replay is on.

There are three cases you will meet in Sandbox from replay.

1.Enemy’s cc troop perfectly the same as in the replay: 

Since you have been donated the same troops, you don’t have to worry about it. troop is not exactly the same.

a.different number: Your clan castle’s housing space is too small. Upgrade it.

b.different level of the same troop. You haven’t been donated this level of troop. Ask your clanmate to donate one. Or join a more active or powerful clan. 

3.No troops. You haven’t been donated this type at all before.
【Suggestion:ask your clanmates . Or we recommend you join a more active or powerful clan for new players.】

③You can combine 【Sandbox from replay】 with 【Set My Own Troops】, 【Set Spells】 & 【Set My Castle Troops】. 【Set enemy troop】only works in normal Sandbox Attack.

combine disable_副本.jpg

[Suggestion of use in Clan war]:

1. Team work:

In clanwar, we suggest you invite your clanmates use XMG and cooperate with your clanmates. That is, ask your Chief to plan the attacks.

2. The first attack on each base is for replay’s sake.

3.Then you and your clanmates can repeatedly sandbox and perfectly see their traps/teslas/cc troops with 


【Suggestion of use in Test your own defense】:

1.Open 【Sandbox Attack】&【Sandbox From Replay】

2.Open Defense log and click replay.

3.Return Home

defense - replaymix.jpg

4.Then “Visit” your rival or anyone else. The base being simulated should be your own base. Enjoy! 

defense visit.jpg