Clash of Kings New Hack Mod Features:Keep Active & Auto Game Operation Unit by Xmodgames


  • Auto Collect Resource: Automatically collect resources as you enter the game.

  • Auto Alliance Help: Fulfill Alliance Requests automatically when ON.

  • Auto Harbour Gifts: Collect Harbour gifts automatically when ON.

  • Keep Active: Keep you online and connected

  • Skip FREE Building: Automatically skip building cooldown for the last five minutes

Video Tutorial:

Instructions for Activation:

1. Make sure you have installed Clash of Kings first. Open the App 'Xmodgames' from HomeScreen.

2. Click on Clash of Kings in the Game or Mod Tab.

3. Install the mod and click on “Launch” to start the game.

4.  If the mod is successfully loaded, you should see a “Xbot” at the right  edge of screen. Clicking on the button, then "Xmod", you can five  features in the mod: 【Auto Collect Resource】【Skip FREE Building】【Keep  Active】【Auto Harbour Gifts】【Auto Alliance Help】
5. 【Keep Active】you won't be kicked out and don't have to reconnect the game again and again.
6.【Auto Collect】 is to automatically collect  the resources of your castle every time you enter the game, saving your  time from tapping on each one by one.
7. 【Skip FREE Building】 helps you automatically fast forward the last 5  minutes in building once the “FREE” icon of instant building appears.
8. 【Auto Harbor Gift】collects Harbour Gift whenever they are ready when you are online. 

9.【Auto Alliance Help】aids your guild mates when ON.