Minecraft PE TMI Mod



  1. Day/Night Switch

  2. Survival/Creative Switch

  3. Weather Control

  4. Lock Time

  5. Item Multiplier x64

Instructions for Activation:

1.Click 'Xmodgames' on HomeScreen.

2. Click on the icon.

3. Click the blue button to install the mod then tap the “launch” button.



4. Click on the Xbot to open the floating window. Tap on Xmod to mod the game.


5. After that, you can two column, one at each side. The left represents main features while the right represents sub features belonging to the main feature you select.



6. TMI is to control Core Settings & Action Features in Game.

4 - 副本.jpg

7.Day/Night Switch Controls Time in Game. Tap on Day to Set Daytime and Night to set Night.


8.Survival/Creative Switch Controls Game Mode. Tap on the Tab to switch between two status.


9.Weather Control: You can change weather conditions now with weather control sliders. Adjust to set conditions.



10.Lock Time:

On both platforms of iOS and Android, an advanced control of time is added. The movement of the Sun and the Moon can be locked so the daytime won't change any more.

Note: for iOS users, if you wanna change daytime with Day/Night Switch, please make sure to turn OFF Lock Time first.


11.Item Multiplier: With the feature ON, the item you get will be multiplied by 64. Turn it OFF you’ll only get one item at a time.

item 64.jpg