MCPE Building Mod, Show Coordinates& Direction and Measure.

MCPE Building Mod, Show Coordinates& Direction and Measure.


Demo Video:

This Mod helps you spawn blocks in large number in an area.


How to Use Building Mod


1.Tap on Build Tab on the left column

2.Turn ON Building Switch to activate the mod.

3.There are two modes for creating shapes with blocks in the mod:

A. Spawn Shape at placement of the block;

B. Spawn Shape by Preset Coordinates.






A.Spawn Shape At Placement

1.Tap on a given shape/pattern, then configure the parameters.

2.Then pick up a block in your item bar.

3.Pay attention to the horinzontal and vertical directions in which you place the block. It affects the shape created greatly.

4.We advise you use the feature with other TMI features: Show Coordinates & Show Direction.

5.Place the block, and a shape with this material will be spawned instantly!


N.B.: Apart from Line, which starts from the position where you place the block, other shapes will be spawned at one block away at the left hand side of the character.  


 set line placement.jpg




B. Spawn Shape By Preset Coordinates

1.Select the shape you like

2.Then click on the -> button to further set Coordinates of Origin of the shape.

3.Edit the parameters. You may have to refer to your actual Coordinates & direction. So turn ON Show Coordinates & Show Direction in TMI, too.

4. Save the edited data.

5.Then Place a block/item taken from the item bar and the Shape will spawn at the preset point.


By Preset Coords.jpg


Show Coordinates & Show Directions:


1.Tap on TMI Tab.

2.Turn ON these features in TMI.

3.Your current Coordinates and the direction you're facing will be shown on the screen.


 Show Coords & Show Directions.jpg



Measurement of distance:

In TMI, we added another feature to measure distance between two points.

Place your block for Point A and Point B.

1.Tap on TMI Tab.

2.Turn ON Measure in TMI.

3.You are required to put blocks for Point A and Point B.

4. Then the shoutout message will show you the difference of coordinates.

5. If you continues to place blocks for multiple measurements, the points will be renewed.





Caution: This feature cannot be used with Builder Mod together. If you wanna use builder Mod, please make sure that Measure is turned OFF in TMI.