Minecraft PE Backpack, Add Items, Add Mob & Teleport Mod


Backpack Management

Add Items

Add Mob


Backpack management is a function for players to arrange or edit items in Backpack in a quick way.



You can easily select the item(s) in your backpack to edit or delete.  No longer have to hold on the item icon for 5 secs to throw it away.



Add Item is the TMI branch function to select any items or blocks with the amount you desire. It can be used in multiplayer now!

The Tabs in Purple Square represent groups of items.


①Select the icons in the checkbox above.


②Then swipe the scrollbar in white square to define the amount.


③Tap “Add” at the right bottom to continue


④A toast will pop up requesting confirmation. Tap confirm.


⑤Now you get the item you want.


 add items_副本.jpg


Add Mob is a feature that enables you to spawn multiple creatures of kinds with the amount you desire. 


Spawn Mobs is to spawn the creatures in Minecraft instantly. (cannot be used in servers opened by others. E.g. public server)

①Tap on Spawn Mobs Tab

②Choose the mobs you’d like to add

③Select the amount in scrollbar and Add

④Confirm and enjoy!


Add mobs.jpg

Teleport records your current coords and grants you the ability to transport between these set points in one click.


Teleport in the current map:

①Add Coordinates first (tap and name it)

②Tap to switch between saved locations

③Saved Coordinates can only be used in the map you set them. 

If you use them in other maps, you can be stuck for a while. Clear first before resetting the Coords)