Funcionalidad del Mod: Facilitar Combo Perfecto. Colectar Gemas Dobles

Actualizado:03/17/16 Versión del Mod:1.1.6 Para la versión del juego:1.0


Funcionalidad del Mod:

Facilitar Combo Perfecto

Colectar Gemas Dobles

【iOS】El Mod es para iOS. Confirme que has hecho Jailbreak a su dispositivo primero.


It supports the latest game version


Stack Collect Double Gems Mod
Stack Collect Double Gems Mod The new mod has added a new feature:Collect Double GemsInstall the game and mod first. Then tap on Xbot, then Xmod,the features will be shown as in the menu here.Turn it ON.Then every gem you get will be doubled.  10 blocks used to 1 gem. Now 10 blocks = 2 gems.
Stack Easy Perfect Combo Mod
Stack Easy Perfect Combo Mod HOW TO USE THE MOD:1. Download the game of the latest version first from App Store: Download Stack now   from Google Play:  Download Stack now2. Open Xmodgames from Homescreen. Find the game of Stack in mod entries.3. Then install or update the mod before launching the game.4. In the modded game, if successful, you'll be able to see a tiny robot (Xbot) at the right edge of screen. Tap on it and call out the floating window to control modding.5. Tap on 'Xmod' to mod the game.6. In it you'll see the feature 【Easy Perfect Combo】. Tap on the box to adjust the difficulty. The larger the number, the easier it is to make a perfect placement of blocks in game.  Remember to tap on "

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