‎Xnotice‬ Solution For Android 5.1.1 COC Mod Startup Problem

‪#‎Xnotice‬ Solution For Android 5.1.1 COC Mod Startup Problem

【Have you met this problems in Xmodgames】:
--X-bot disappears suddenly when I click it !I can not use Mod!

【Solution for the problem above】:

Solution 1: 

1.Uninstall Xmodgames in your device
2.Click in Xmodgames Official Website: http://www.xmodgames.com/#1
3.Download Android Xmodgames APK again
4.Open Xmodgames
5.Install the latest COC Mod
(Ps:Confirm that you have updated COC to v.8.116.2)

6.Launch COC and Enjoy it.

Solution 2:

Install CyanogenMod 12.1

Solution 3: 

Move xmod to system apps by Lucky Patcher.
1. Download luck patcher ( google it).
2. Open luck patcher
3. Goto xmod app and click on it. 
4. Then tools and after that select move to/system/app. 
5. After that reboot you device.
6. After reboot goto setting and clear app data of xmod. 
7. Enjoy xmod works

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