Solution for "Xbot" floating window disappearing, oops page appearing and Crashing in Clash of Clans with XMG

Here is the solution for "Xbot" floating window disappearing, oops page appearing and Crashing in Clash of Clans with XMG.

★If u can not see “Xbot” floating window in Clash of Clans, plz follow the steps below:
Solution 1:

Clean Data and Reboot Device.

Solution 2:
1. Uninstall XMG
2. Download the latest XMG from official site
3. Install x.apk
4. Check whether COC has been listed in “My Game”
5. Install COC latest mod 

★If Oops page appears,u can try to:
1.Reboot your device and give permission through superuser.
2.Visit the solution guide made by our warm-hearted fans:

★If COC crashes in XMG,u should also check:

1.Download the LATEST Xmodgames in the official website.

2.Download the LATEST COC game version.

3.Install the LATEST COC Mod

4.If it still fails to work after finishing the three steps listed above,

try to root the phone again and repeat the steps.