Statement on Xmodgames Official & Unique Info. (Including Websites, support email etc.)

Recently someone has pretended to be Xmodgames official pages and intended for some personal purposes.

Warning: Stay Alert! If someone asks for your personal infomation or charges you for the service or anything related in the name of Xmodgames, please verify first if they're authorized.

Xmodgames Team assumes no responsibility for any loss caused by actions or activities in these unofficial channels.

Should you find any illegal exploit  of Xmodgames and its product, please do not hesitate to contact us.

1. Please pay attention that our unique official website= 

( for mobile)

We've not authorized any other websites for downloading.

2. This is our ONLY official facebook fanpage→

Xmodgames is not responsible for any opinion or dispute on those fake pages.

3. This is our ONLY official VK community

4. Please pay attention that only email addresses inthe form of"xxxx(their names)" 

 are the valid ones by which our authentic admins’ll contact you if you're the winners for our events!

For example:"" and ""

By now, there are only 2 admins in charge of sending notifications to event winners. They are Jessie Lee and Aaron. No other emails are authorized to do so.

6. Here is our ONLY official email for feedback contact us via

7. For commercial cooperation, please contact us via