【NEW】Solution to COC Mod Launching Problems

Solution for 3 Problems of COC Mod
First of all, We need to say sorry for the delay. COC Mod is still in fix now~However, 
‪‎Good News is We have found what the problem is!
If you have met these 3 problem listed below, Please try these two solutions:

Problem One: Opps Page Notice appear:


--Solution 1:Reinstall Xmodgames->Grant Root Access!!!

--Solution 2(For Kingroot User!!!)Disable Root Protection of Kingroot-> Restart Xmodgames.

Problem Two】:Xmodgames stops running while launching mod:


--Solution Install [Root Explorer]-Tap [SD Card]-Find [com.xmodgames]->Click[databse]->Delete [database]-Restart Xmodgames.

Problem Three】:Black Screen appears while launching COC Mod:


---SolutionClean RAM data by Clean Master -Restart Xmodgames.

Xmodgames staff are keep going with the coc fix. Keep going to launch Xmodgames everyday to give us support