Clash of Clans Sandbox Combo Profiles Mod

In year 2016, Xmodgames has renewed the UI of COC Mod and continue to improve Sandbox Features.

-Sandbox Troop Combo are recorded in Troop Combo Profiles for quick selection in different simulation scenarios

-All Troop & Spells Customizable in amount and level, including those in Castles (e.g. Castle Spells)

Demo Video:

Note: The mod ONLY supports the latest Clash of Clans version. Make sure to update the game first and install the latest mod.

How to use the NEW features in COC Mod:

Tap on Xbot and then Xmod to start modding the game.



In the column of Sandbox attack, we can now see the Troop Combo Profile Name in red square and its specs in blue square.

-My Heroes sets the types and levels of your own heroes. Zero means default settings.

-My Troops sets the types, number and levels of your troops.

-Castle Troops sets the types, number and levels of troops donated by clanmates.

-Spells sets types, number and levels of spells you use in battle.

-Castle Spells sets types, number and levels of spells donated by clanmates.

Adding a Profile:

Tap on the Profile nameto go to Troop Combo Profile Selection Page.

Then tap on "+" sign to add a new profile.

You can rename your profile here then press "Yes" to confirm. In this case, it's called xmodgames FAV

Now the new profile has been made. Head back by press on the "<" to continue edit specs of Troop Combo profile.

create template done renamed.jpg

Editing the Specs in Troop Combo Profile:

Tap on the specs to set troop & spells num. & levels. of different kinds.

Good News: Castle Spells are editable now!

If you have no specification on the troop level. You can check "Use current level".

If you want to try other levels, uncheck it and set the level you want.


Selection of Troop Combo Profiles:

When edition is done, you can tap the Profile name to see the combo details represented in icons.

Check to switch between Profiles/Attack Plans for different War scenarios.

If you don't want to use the Combo any more, you can check the plan first and tap on the dustbin to delete it.

Always make sure to open Sandbox Attack Switch before simulation.

Then you can Visit/Scout any player in Clash of Clans to enjoy Sandbox Simulation.

The following images demonstrates both Sandbox templates we've just set.

take switch.jpg