Castle Clash Optimized Hero Retreat & Simulate Attack

How to Use:


[Optimized Hero Retreat]  can help you retreat hereos from battlefield, saving their life as they are about to die.

1. Open Auto Hero Retreat.

2. Set Retreat if HP < %. When one of your heroes' HP drops below this value.

set blood_副本.jpg

3. The game will end battle automatically.

4. You can use this feature in expedition, farming (not taking care of Honors), and Single Player Dungeon (not taking care of stamina. It will still cost stamina. But Heroes won't have to wait for recovery becuz of death.)

Note: Don't turn it on in other modes! Turn it OFF in Mesa or other game mode dependent on stamina. Or the game play will have abnormal interferance.

set blood_副本.jpg


[Simulate Battle] can help you practise your strategy in game.

  1. Turn on Simulated Battle.

  2. Build troops in barracks in your base.

    Note: The types of troops built determines how many you can set for simulated troops.

set team 1_副本.jpg

  3. Set Simulated Team. You can choose types of troops and number of those you need.

  4. Enter Battle from Attack.


5. Deploy the simulated troop you set before to trigger Simulation.

It's better to put them in. Note: If you only put in the Heroes the simulation won't begin.

6. Kill/Exit the game and relaunch it from XMG. The data will be restored.

Suggested use: a) In search opponents for tactics drills and attacks in revenge or in the league.