Traffic Rider Mod: Max Speed Level, Fast Charge & Light Distance

【Mod Features】:

  1. Max Speed - Run faster and being a cool biker with Xmodgames!

  2. Extend Light Distance - Xmod protect you from traffic crash at night!

  3. Fast Charge Recovery - Xmod helps you make your bike easier to accelerate!

【Android】The Mod is for Android. Please make sure you ROOT your device first.

===How to use the mod===

1. Make sure you have got the latest version of game from Google Play Store: Download Traffic Rider NOW from GP.

2. Go to the entry of Traffic Rider in Xmodgames.

3. Install or update the mod first before launching it.


4. Then you'll see a tiny little robot at the right edge of the screen. It's the floating window called Xbot. Click on it to call out the floating control panel.

5. If everything goes well, you shall see the "Xmod" button. Click on it to mod the game.

arrow xibot_副本.jpg

6. The mod menu shows how many features (in this case, three) there are in the mod. Click on the features for more specifications.


7.【High speed or Max Speed UP】: The mod helps your bike gain higher max speed in game. Adjust the slider for different levels of increase. Then tap on the "<" button to confirm your setting. You can see in the following picture that the bike has broken through its original speed cap.

high speed ajuste_副本.jpg

8.【Light Distance Level】adjusts the strength of headlight of your bike, protecting you from dangerous car crash at night.

light before_副本.jpg

9.【Fast Charge Recovery】helps you regenerate your energy faster than normal for wheelie charging in the race.


Challenge Xbot and be the best biker!

Credits: Xmodgames for the mod