Color Switch Mod Guide: Ball Size & Shorten Jump Distance

Mod Features:

  1. Ball Size: Adjust ball size for different difficulties

  2. Shorten Jump Distance: the larger the number, the shorter the distance will be of each jump.

How to use the Mod Step by Step Guide:

1.Make sure you've installed the latest Color Switch from Google Play Store:

2.Go to the entry of Color Switch.

3.Install or update the mod first.

4.Click to launch the mod.


5.There's an Xbot (floating window) at the right edge, if things go well.

6.Tap on it to call out the control panel. Tap on Xmod to mod the game.


7.There are two features: Ball Size & Shorten Jump Distance


8.Tap on one feature to adjust. On finishing the adjustment, tap on "<" button to confirm.


Enjoy and share it to your friends!

Credits: Xmodgames Team for the mod.