New Guide for Clash of Clans Sandbox from Replay

Important Notes on iOS mod version 3.2.1 and Android mod version 2.5.3:

MOD 3.2.1 iOS supports Clash of Clans version 8.212.1 ONLY

MOD 2.5.3 Android supports Clash of Clans version 8.212.3 & 8.212.9 ONLY.

We recommend updating the game to 8.212.9 for Android users.

【Good News】:

New troop unit, the Bowler, can be used in Sandbox Attack, along with newest levels of Valkyrie, Goblin and  Hog Riders!


Something not that pleasant but we're trying our best to fix it:

1.Realtime Traps/Teslas is fixed now both Clan War (partially) and Farming...

2.However, only Triggered Traps/Teslas can  be simulated with Sandbox from Replay. "Triggered Traps/Teslas" refer to traps/teslas that are seen to be activated by yourself or your clanmates during an attack in the replay.

For example, in Clan war, turn ON 【Sandbox from Replay】 and then watch the replay of an attack.

The location and types of traps/teslas activated in this attack will be saved.



When you turn ON 【Sandbox Attack】and Visit/Scout to do Sandbox Attack.


These traps will be loaded to be triggered in Sandbox for you to simulate. Other untriggered traps won´t enter in Sandbox attack.


Untriggered Traps can't be recorded by the Replay unless they are activated.  It implies that...

1. So, this means you have to work with your teammate to scout as many traps as posible in Clan War for the first attack. Best practice: deploy ground and air troops to scout from ground to air.

2. And be careful! If the replay has only ground units, when you plan to sandbox with air units. You won't trigger any air traps in the simulation.

3. Layouts drawn from Copy Layout will have to be completed on your own, filling out spaces of traps/teslas.

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New Feature is released in iOS Mod 1.1.1

Auto Donate Cards.

How the economy works in Clash Royale:

Cards can be requested by clanmates every 8 hrs.

1 Rare card or 10 Common Cards a time.

So one clan member basically can generate 150 gold for the clan.

But an account can donate up to 60 common cards and 12 rare cards a day.

So if we get 6 members helping each other each day. We can generate 900 gold for every one.

So get as many clan members or accounts to request and donate as you can, and you can generate sums of gold in clan for every one!

Simple Steps to Use and you'll never miss any card request by Clanmates anymore and earn 900 Gold/day.

  • Tap on Xbot and then Xmod to mod.

  • Enter "Donation Settings" to specify the cards to donate.

go to entry.jpg

  • Check the cards you wanna donate and tap "<" to head back and confirm.

  • Activate the switch of "Auto Donate Cards".



Now cards will be automatically donated in return of coins to you . Have a good time trading cards with your friends.

NOTE: In order to keep the mod running in the foreground, you have to disable Auto Lock in the device or any other screensaver.

Credits: Xmodgames for the Mod