Clash Royale Block Taunting Emojis Mod

New Feature in Mod 1.1.3 and on:

Block Taunting Emojis: Too tired of rival's spamming you while playing the match?!

You can block his taunts now with one click.

  1. Install the latest mod of Xmodgames for Clash Royale.

  2. Remember to update first and then click to launch.

  3. Tap on Xbot (the floating window) and then "Xmod" to mod the game.

  4. Activate "Block Taunting Emojis" and you won't be receiving taunts from the rival.

  5. Now your rival is shut up and won't disturb you playing the game. Focus on the match, man. Though, you can still send emojis to him.



Credits: Xmodgames Team for the mod