Clash Royale Mod of Show Range When Deployed

Show Attack Range when Deployed

From the mod 1.1.4 on Android Device on, this feature is added.

The attack range of your OWN ranged units will be shown when you're holding the troop and about to place it in the arena.

NOTE: It ONLY applies to units that have an attack range of more than two tiles.

HOW to use it:

  1. Install or update the mod for Clash Royale.

  2. Tap on Xbot and then Xmod to mod.

  3. Then turn the feature 【Show Attack Range when Deployed】 ON, and you can use it directly in game.


This straightforward feature help you find sweet point for ranged troops, esp. in defense, when deploying them.
So you can enjoy the best advantage of distance in defense or offense.



Highly recommended by pro players to use to defend against a) Giants, Balloons, Golems and b) swarming troops

where a) the exclamation mark (!) is not available in the original version becuz of the loss of mutual attack interests;

           b) Too many distractions (i.e. too many ! marks) to decide where is the safest place to deploy


Voila! It helps me defend against Giants and get 3 crowns!