How to use Clash Royale MOD to Show Next Chest

In the 1.1.8 iOS version & 1.1.9 Android version of Clash Royale MOD, a new feature is added.


This feature allows you to preview what's to be the next chest you're going to get.

With this feature, you can better plan to

I. get good chest immediately,

or II. push upwards before getting premium chests.

or III. drop trophies to control the epic card you're going to get in the premium chest.


1. Install or update the mod first.

2. Then launch the modded game.

3. Tap on Xbot (the floating window) & then Xmod to mod the game.

4. You will see it in the mod menu.

5. Turn it ON and you can see what will be your next chest.



p.s. It doesn't work in Training Camp.


Before we start, there're some facts Chest hunters should know!

As the CHEST order is FIXED for every player, according to modders in Reddit.

1)Players only get a chest when there is an empty slot for it. 

2)He/she WON'T get any new chest when the slots are full.

3)If the slot is full, the sequence of chests you're going to get will be stuck.

4)If there's one empty slot, the sequence will continue and move one step forward in the list.  

5)Players start at a different position in the Chest list  when they create their accounts.

So here're the preparations for Chest hunting:

a) Always keep your chest slots full before you start!

becuz if there is an empty slot out there, and Xmodgames predicts the next chest to be magical.

You can't control in which Arena you will have it!

SEE (2).jpg

NOTE: Free chests don't count as an open chest.

b) Always have at least one unlocked chest for chest hunting! (If no chest is unlocked, and you followed step b), your chest slots will be full. You can't get any new chests! )


Now as you have one open chest to control whether you will have the next chest or not: we're now ready to hunt awesome Chests!

c)Always remember to open 1 chest first before you're going to battle! OPEN first and then battle! When you get the new chest (Silver in most cases), the pointer in the list move one step forward. But you want the sequence continue to go, you should open another chest first and then battle until you see the next chests are awesome ones like:

Giant Chests, Magical Chests, Super Magical Chests.


There're 3 cases to use this information.

CASE 1:  You wanna get it immediately!

  1. Open one chest first.

  2. Then battle to win

  3. Get the chest you want.

case 1.jpg

CASE 2: You wanna save it for higher Arena so that you can get better rewards of cards with it.

    1. DON'T OPEN the chest you've unlocked.

    2. Continue to battle and win to push forward without getting any new chest (in this case the big prize you're aiming at).

    3. When you're sure to stay at the high Arena, REPEAT CASE 1.

case 2.jpg

CASE 3: You wanna limit on the types of rare or epic cards you're gonna get.

By dropping trophies, you can drop to the target Arena.


   1. DON'T OPEN the chest you've unlocked.

   2. USE AUTO DROP TROPHIES. (Don't know how to drop trophies? See another Xmod guide of AUTO DROP TROPHIES)

   3. Go and get it at the low Arena, REPEAT CASE 1.

case 3.jpg