Basketball Stars Perfect Shooting Mod in Attacker-Defender Mode

Bros, Basketball Stars is a new game by miniclip, publisher of 8 ball pool.

Are you having a hard time gaming with others in Attacker-Defender?

Xbot aiming machine can help you out in this head-oncompetition.

How it works:

1. Install the latest game version from Google Play: Download Here

2. Find the game in the entry. Enter it. Install or update the mod first then click to launch it.

entry i.jpg


3. If everything works fine, then you can see a tiny robot Xbot floating window hanging at the right edge.

4. Click on it and call out the control panel. Click on Xmod to mod.


5. Feature is shown in the menu. Activate it.


6. In Attacker-Defender Mode, you will enjoy perfect aiming in shooting. This will help you out in a fierce competition of snatching and blocking. NOTE: It only works in Attacker-Defender mode, not in shooting game!

7. Perfect is my style!


Credits: Xmodgames for the mod