Clash Royale Rival Deck Recorder MOD

This version of Clash Royale Mod is updated with a powerful feature with brand new UI.

【Rival Deck Recorder】:

It shows rival's current cards at hand, next card to come and Cards queueing in Cooldown based on the game mechanism.

This feature can help you memorize rival's deck order in battle.

Show Elixir Meter is incorporated in it, too. With this feature, it can tell you whether your rival have enough elixir to place his cards or not.


【Principle of the recorder】:

All players deck will loop in a rotational order.

The first card used by a player will automatically queue in the last position.

So the more info of cards Xmod get of your rival, the more cards you know about his deck and their places in the loop.


【How to make it show up】 -

  1. Install or update the mod first.

  2. Launch the modded game.

  3. Tap on Xbot the tiny floating window

  4. Then tap on Xmod to mod

  5. Activate the switch of Rival Deck Recorder


NOTE: Since the UI occupies where used to be emojis. You can't send emojis while using this feature.

DONE! Good luck with Trophies!

Credits: Xmodgames Team for the Mod