Selfie Customized Skin Mod World's 1st by Xmodgames

Customized Skin Mod for on iOS by Xmodgames

Mod for on iOS

Demo Video by Xmodgames:

New Features:• Load Customized Skin    

   Create Customized Skin from Camera    

   Create Customized Skin from Album Library    

   Easter Egg Album

Feature List:

 Load Customized Skin    

   Create Customized Skin from Camera    

   Create Customized Skin from Album Library   

   Easter Egg Album


 Change Skin

 Random Skin

 Rainbow Mod

 Black & White Classic!

 No Color

 No Grid

Instructions for Activation:

1.Click 'Xmodgames' on HomeScreen.

2.Click on the icon.

3.Install the mod or update it if any, then click “launch” to start the game.
4.In the game, click on the “Xbot” at the right edge of the screen.


5. You can take photos, make videos, share it in Forum, live-chat and try recommended apps in Xmodgames. Tap on Xmod to hack.

 What's NEW!

6. Customized Skin: Xmodgames users can customize their personal skin in NOW! No need to buy cliché stuff from the game or use old skins! It's you to decide ur own image!

Besides the loader, the NEW feature contains three parts

·Create Customized Skin from Camera

·Create Customized Skin from Album Library

·Easter Egg Album (Hidden)


7. How to use Customized Skina. Turn ON the Customized Skin loaderb. Tap on Create Customized Skinc. Tap on Xmod icon.


8. A pop-up window will ask you to visit local album library or Camera. You can choose one manner of creating the customized skin for yourself.


9. Take a beautiful pic of yourself and pan-crop it to your prefernce. Then input your player name.  


How kawaii is Aliga!


10. Or you can find your favorite image in your Album. Likewise, edit it and make it skin!
Lol, we're Xmodgames. Don't eat us! 


11. There is a hidden Easter Egg in Customized Skin Loader. Find it out and have fun! 


Bonus:Simplified Control: Random Skin and Change skin no longer have to tap on "x" in the Nickname box to activate skin changing feature.