Fallout Shelter Mod Auto Babies


• Speed UP  

• Auto Collect Resources & Meds 

• Auto Level-Up 

• Multiply Caps Obtained 

• Auto Have Babies 

Demo Video:

Instructions for Activation: 

Auto Have Babies:

Dwellers will automatically find partners, and fill the living rooms and have babies. Xbot arranges dating for your dwellers.  

1. Tap on Xbot and then Xmod to call out the Mod.


2. Adjust Num of Babies to have.

Babies Num = Pairs of Couple + Current Pregnants 



1. The number means how many babies you want to have. (Babies in pregant women included). Say, I want to have 4 babies and i have 3 pregnants. So another pair of lovers will be arranged afterwards. If you want to have more, adjust for more.

2. After having got pregnant, mother-to-be refuse to leave the room, then you have drag them elsewhere to keep the room empty for more couples, if you want.   

Xmodgames Team (for the mod)