Clash of Kings New Hack Mod Features:Auto Train

Features: Auto Train
*【Plz turn on Keep Active and do NOT close the game while using Auto Train】  
*【If you close the game during training troops, the waiting troops list will be deleted!】   

Instructions for Activation:
1. Make sure you have installed Clash of Kings first. Open the App 'Xmodgames' from HomeScreen.
2. Click on Clash of Kings in the Game or Mod Tab.
3. Install the mod and click on “Launch” to start the game.
4. If the mod is successfully loaded, you should see a “Xbot” at the right edge of screen. Clicking on the button, then "Xmod", you can five features in the mod: 


5.Turn on Auto Train 


6.Click on Training Setting and Training Sites where the troops you want are. 


7.Click on the troops you want.


8.Set the value to decide how many troops you need.


*【The value you set will be divided into several groups, which is depend on your game level and resources】  


*【You can set troops above one kinds. The training order is decided by the sequence of the troops you select.】  


9.Something you need to know: 


*The numbers beside Training setting mean the troops you select in Auto Train in total.  

10. Enjoy this new COK new features.  
Other COK Useful Features:  

1.Auto Collect Resource  

2.Auto Alliance Help  

3.Auto Harbour Gifts  

4.Keep Active  

5.Skip FREE Building