How to mod Soul Hunters with Free Xmodgames

11 Features:

★Auto Retreat Crucible of Fire: Retreat when characters of the preset amount diecounted by death(s)

★Equipment Upgrade Guide: Show upgrade path of the equipments of a character and the related quests.

★Quick Arena: Skip Arena Battle.

★Accelerator: Control Game Speed for Skipping Battles or Release Spells

★Preset Party Lineups: Save and Edit Fav Parties.

★Auto Fight in Certain Quest

★Next Quest in Auto Fight.

★Crafting Guide of Equipped Items: Quick Crafting of Equipments

★Avatars Unlocked

★Edit Sweep Times: Tap “-”to reduce the custom sweep times. 

★Store Tags: Facilitates visits of stores

Instructions for Activation:

1.Click 'Xmodgames' on HomeScreen.

2. Install or update the mod in Mod Page and and head back and Click Launch in the entry in Game Tab.



3. Mod features have to be loaded first before use. Some features are game-imbedded while some others have a separate ui. Tap on Xbot and then Xmod to activate them.


4. Store tags facilitates visiting in stores. You don’t have to quit to re-enter other shops. 


5. Avatars Unlocked: unlocking all avatars for you to set in your profile.


6. Preset Party Lineups: Tap in the Xmod tab in the party edition menu, in which you can select for the lineup. The tab in red square starts editting. The tab in blue square clear your edition. Tapping on the purple area use the preset party for your current party.


7. Edit Sweep Times: In the original version, you can only sweep either 10 or 1 time(s). In the modded version, you can sweep with any times you want.


8. Equipment Upgrade Guide: You can find more details and guidance for corresponding weapons and equipment of each hero, with detailed hints for required materials and the quests to get them.


9. Crafting Guide of Equipped Items: Use for upgrading equipments without leaving the interface. Tap on Craft and then craft the upgraded version of the equipment. If you lack materials, you can also click on the material to jump to corresponding quests.


10. Accelerator controls speed in battle. Auto Fight allows your heroes to fight repeatedly in a certain quest, releasing skills whenever the energy bar is full. Next Quest, when combined in Auto Fight, allows your party to fight quests in a sequence.  





11. Quick Arena skips lengthy fight in the arena in just a few secs.

12 (2).png

12. Auto Retreat saves your heroes from battles in Crucible of Fire. Your party will auto retreat on the death num. you set.


Credits: Xmodgames (for the mod)