Minecraft PE Guide Collection

Tutorials to Minecraft PE Features:

Question A: How to use XMOD for Minecraft PE generally


1. Tap ON Xbot to call out the floating window.

2. Tap on Xmod to mod the game.

3.The mod interface is divided into two parts: Major Features & Specifications

4. The left column collects all major types of features. Tap to enter the type of feature.

5.The right column shows sub-features or specification under the main feature.

Question B: What is TMI?

Answer B: Too Many Items (TMI Core Feature)

 - Feature that Controls of Game Mechanics

Advantages over non-Xmodgames users

1. One click to change Game Mechanics, useful for all Minecrafters.

Question C: How to use the Feature: TMI

Answer C:

1. Day/Night Switch: Tap to set day or set night time. Notice the sun for the time change.

2. Survival/Creative Mode Switch: Tap to change Survival and Creative Mode. You don't have to bother to change it outside in the map menu now.

3.Weather Control: Rain/Snow; Thunder; Fog: Adjust the slider to change the strength of the weather.

Note: Snow only occurs in colder areas like tundra while rain occurs elsewhere.

4. Lock Time: Turn it ON, and the flowing of Time will be fixed. The sun or the moon won't move any more. So you can have forever Day/Night Mode ingame and play USHC with friends.

Note: In Mods for iOS devices, when Lock Time is ON, you cannot switch Day/Night anymore. To switch Day/Night, you have to turn Lock Time OFF first.

In servers (local ones), Day/Night and Lock Time can be different for different clients using XMG, which means one player can be at Night, the other in daytime when playing together.

5.Item Multiplier x64: When turning it ON, every item you get will be multiplied by 64.

Question D: What is Character?

Answer D:

Character- Feature that modifies parameters of the player.

Advantages over non-Xmodgames users

1. Gain advantage in PVP & PVE

2. Empowered with Superman ability

3.Save time playing

Question E: How to use the Feature: Character

Answer E:

1a.Level Editor (on Android): Adjust the slider to edit Level from 0 to 2000.

1b.Level Multiplier: Adjust the slider to set how many levels you will get when you reach the next level.

2.Speed Mode: Sprint/Dash: Adjust to set walking speed.

Caution: it can be super fast! Set a value you think will be enjoyable!

You can combine this speed mod with Accelerator controlling the panoramic time and personal speed at the same time.

Additional Trick of Speed: How to do Bullet time, Slow-motion or Time Freeze in Minecraft PE with Xmodgames:

1.Turn on Accelerator in the app. It's located in the XMG "More" Tab.

2. Launch MCPE Mod. Set Speed to Dash or sprint.

3.Set Accelerator to minus and slow the whole game.

4.You'll see the whole game slow down while you run superfast.

3.Jump Height: Super Jump: Adjust to set jump height in game.

Caution: Beware the height of super jump will cause death from falling. So please turn on Invincible (Unlimited Health) when having fun with it.

4.Field of View (FOV): Adjust to Zoom-in like Sniper Mode and Zoom-out to super Wide-Angle. Good for Minecraft Photographers, Archers, Adventures and Architects!
5.Fixed View (Bow): When turned ON, the FOV will be fixed. So even if you draw a bow or fly or swim, the FOV will be the same. There won't be animation when you draw a bow. Good for Archer's Shooting Arrows. 

6.Invincible: Turn On to enjoy unlimited health in game.

Caution: Not working when you are client in local/world server. If you owns the multiplayer server, you still enjoys the feature.

7. Block Breaker: Break Blocks in an instant. All blocks is breakable including Bedrocks!

Note: Whether you will get the dropped item after breaking a block in game depends on your tool level. For example, you can only mine obsidian when diamond pickaxe. You cannot get this block even with Block Break ON without diamond pickaxe. Likewise, iron pickaxe for diamond ores.

8.Fly in Survival Mode: Turn ON and you will be able to fly in survival mode. It's advisable to combine it with Speed and Super Jump to soar in the sky.

Question F: What is Backpack?

Answer F:

Backpack - Feature that Helps you Management your backpack in Survival Mode with ease.

Advantages over non-Xmodgames users

1. Useful in clearing up useless blocks

2. Local Edit of Items or Blocks owned in single & multiplayer.

Question G: How to use the Feature: Backpack

Answer G:

1.Tap Backpack in the left column to see the specifications.

2.Tap on Item icons (if any) you want to edit or delete

3.You can tap on All to select All(No) or Un-select All(Yes)

4.Slide to adjust the number you want the selected items to become.

5.Tap OK to Confirm.

6.Tap Del to delete the blocks you don't want

Question H: What is Add Item?

Answer H:

Add Item - Feature that add any item you want to your backpack in survival mode - Extended from TMI.

Advantages over non-Xmodgames users

1. Instantly get rare resources in adventures.

2.Hidden Items & Easter Eggs you cannot get in normal game play. Recommended for Builders, Sculptors, Trapmakers, Minecraft Artists, Redstone Fans and Mod Developers.

Question I: How to use the Feature: Add Item

Answer I:

1.Tap Add Item in the left column to see the specifications in the right column.

2.Tap on the tabs in the right column in lower part to switch between different types of items.

NOTE: You can slide the bar to see more tabs. There are altogether 7 tabs now: (Blocks - Ores - Tools - Food - Plants - Dyed - Others -Magic)

3.Tap on any icon of the blocks you want. You can choose multiple blocks of different types too.

4.Slide to adjust the number you want of the selected items.

5. Tap on Add. The figure in the parenthesis shows how many types of items you selected.

6.Confirm to get items.

Question J: What is Add Mobs?

Answer J:

Add Mobs - Feature that spawns mobs (Minecraft Creatures) at the spot you stand.

Advantages over non-Xmodgames users

1. Create Jump-Scare for players in a server or map.

2. Useful when building villages or farms

3.Play PVE Challenges with friends. E.g. Castle Defense from Ghasts, Creepers & Zombies, etc.

Question K: How to use the Feature: Add Mobs

Answer K:

1.Tap Add Mobs in the left column to see the specifications in the right column.

2.Tap on the icons to select different types of mobs. You can choose multiple types at the same time.

3.Slide to adjust the number you want to set.

4.Tap Add to spawn selected mobs. The small figure shows how many types you selected.

5.Tap Confirm to spawn. 

Question L: What is Teleport?

Answer L:

Teleport - Feature that takes you from A to B in just one click.

Advantages over non-Xmodgames users

1. Fast Transport.

2. Mark Home & other interesting places.

Question M: How to use the Feature: Add Mobs

Answer M:

1.Tap Add Coords (Coordinates) to add current standing spot.

2.Name the coordinates you just added.

3.Tap on the coordinates to teleport to and from the places you saved.

4.Tap "Del" to Delete recorded coordinates.

Caution: The set of coordinates is ONLY useful in the map you set it. You can't use the same set of coordinates in a different map. Don't get lost! If it's a new map, set new coordinates!

Question N: What is Texture/Skin Loader?

Answer N:

Teleport - Feature that manages Texture/Skins in Game. It only comes in Festival Package! 

Advantages over non-Xmodgames users

1. Enjoy Festival Atmosphere

2. Fancier Skins & Texture for a different game experience.

Question O: How to use the Feature:Texture/Skin Loader Answer O:

1. You can find Festival in History Mods in Mod Detail Page in the Xmodgames.

2.Launching Festival Mods, you can see Festival Tab with the name of the festival in the left column. Tap ON it.

3.In the right column, Skins and Texture is listed.

4.To activate skin, adjust skin slider. To activate texture, turn on Texture Switch.

5.Then Exit the game from the background totally.

6. Relaunch the mod. The skin and texture will be loaded.

Caution: Xmodgames Festival Package for MCPE Mod is bigger than usual. But with more surprise. It's worth it downloading! Recommended: Download with Wifi, VPN or when you are in good network conditions.


Xmodgames Team (for the mod)