Minecraft PE Character Mod



  1. Level Multiplier (on iOS)/Level Editor (on Android)

  2. Speed

  3. Jump Height

  4. Invincible 

  5. Block Breaker

  6. Fly in Survival Mode

Instructions for Activation:

Character is to control parameters of player's character (Alex/Steve).


Level Multiplier (on iOS): multiplies your level by the number you set as you get into the next level.

Level Editor (on Android): allows you to set Level from 0 to 2000.


Speed modifies your walking/running speed with different stops.

Jump Height modifies your character's jump level. Caution: Be careful not to set it too high without Invincible. Or you'll fall to death.

It is very useful to leap through woods or jungles or over mountain cliffs.



Invincible: grants you unlimited health. You can’t die and won’t fear anything now!

Field of View & Fixed View: These help you adjust Field of View. From Sniper to Wide-Angle.

Fixed View is specially designed for Archers. Aiming Animation is removed when Fixed View is ON.

menu fox.jpg

fixed view.jpg


Block Breaker: enables you to break any blocks in a flash.  

Note: Whether there will be drops of items or blocks after breaking them is decided by your mining tool. E.g. Iron Pickaxe for Diamond & Gold Ores.

Fly: in the survival mode, this feature allows you to fly (double tap on jump). You can combine it with Super Jump so you can move around like a Super Hero!