COC Mod Guide

COC Guide

Question A:How to use 'Copy Player Layout':

Answer :

1.Turn on Copy Player Layout.

2.Enter players’ bases by Visit/Scout/Replay/Attack/Revenge.

3.Wait for a few mins and go back to the main page.

4.Enter War Base Editor, NOT Farming Base.

5.Click Edit Layout.

6.Enjoy it.

Important Suggestion :

1.Use with Real Time Traps/Tesla. Traps of the layout can be copied, too.

2.If you find 3 War Base Maps cannot satisfy your collection need, you can SAVE the map and FINISH the save in Farming Base Editor.

Question B: How to use 'Real Time Traps'


1.Turn it ON

2.Lunch the game again to activate.

Important Notice :

'Real Time Traps' works in Real Battle and Replay, not in Sandbox Attack.

Question C:How to use 'Sandbox Attack':


1.Turn it ON

2.Set the number and kinds of Your Own Troop, Your Castle Troop, Your Own Heroes, Enemy Heroes, Enemy Castle Troop, and Spell.

3.Enter players' base by Scout or Visit to activate Sandbox Attack.

Important Notice :

When setting Enemy Castle Troop, please pay attention to the Space. The Troop you set cannot be over the Enemy Castle Space.

Question D:How to Use 'Sandbox From Replay'


★★★If you ONLY use 'Sandbox Attack', please turn OFF 'Sandbox from Replay'.

★★★If you use 'Sandbox from Replay', please turn On 'Sandbox Attack' together and remember to watch Replay before Visiting/Scouting enemy base.

1.Confirm that you have seen Real Time Trap.

2.Turn on ' Sandbox From Replay'.

3.Set the number and kinds of Your Own Troop, Your Castle Troop, Your Own Heroes, Enemy Heroes, Enemy Castle Troop, and Spell.

4.Watch Player's Replay in Battle War or Attack Log for a few minutes.

5.Click Scout/Visit players' base to activate 'Sandbox From Replay'.

6. Now, you can Sandbox Attack players' base with visible traps.

Important Notice :

1.No Need to Set Enemy Castle Troop when Sandbox From Replay is on.

--There are three cases you will meet in Sandbox from replay :

1.Enemy’s cc troop perfectly the same as in the replay: 

Since you have been donated the same troops, you don’t have to worry about it. troop is not exactly the same.

a. Different number: Your clan castle’s housing space is too small. Upgrade it.

b.different level of the same troop. You haven’t been donated this level of troop. Ask your clan mate to donate one. Or join a more active or powerful clan. 


3.No troops. You haven’t been donated this type at all before.

Suggestion of use in Clan war:

1. Team work:

In clan war, we suggest you invite your clan mates use XMG and cooperate with your clan mates. That is, ask your Chief to plan the attacks.

2. The first attack on each base is for replay’s sake.

3.Then you and your clan mates can repeatedly sandbox and perfectly see their traps/tussles/cc troops with [SANDBOX FROM REPLAY]

Suggestion of use in Test your own defense:

1.Open 【Sandbox Attack】&【Sandbox From Replay】

2.Open Defense log and click replay.

3.Return Home

Question E:How to use 'Search Loot'


1.Set the number of Gold, Elixir, Dark Elixir, TownHall Level, the Distance between TownHall and the Edge of Map and Trophy.

2.Turn on ' Auto Search'

Caution: When one of the conditions is satisfied, the search will be stopped.

3.Turn on ' Meet All Condition'

4.Click ' Attack '

Important Notice :

1. Do NOT set too many conditions if you turn on ' Meet All Condition', or it will take more time.

2. When all conditions are satisfied, the search will be stopped.

Question F: How to use 'Dead Base Search '


1. Turn on 'Auto Search'

2.Set the number of Gold, Elixir, Dark Elixir, Gold Mine Production, Elixir Collector Production, and Dark Elixir Drill Production

3. Click ' Attack '

Important Notice :

1.Do NOT set Meet All Conditions, JUST set Search Switch when using Dead base Search.

2.If you want 200K Gold, suggest Set Gold: 200000, Gold Mine Production 200000, Turn On Search Switch. In this way, if you are lucky, you can just need to break the Gold Mine outside to get the Gold when you see the Gold Storage is empty.

* This feature helps you to get what you want in an easier way.

Question G: How to use 'Auto Reconnect '


1.Turn On 'Auto Connect'.

2.Set the value of 'Reconnect Delay'.

Important Notice :

1.This feature works ONLY when other log in your account and COC ask you whether need device reconnect.