Soul Hunters Simulate Battle & Auto Crusade Exit Mod

2 NEW Features:

Simulate Battle

Auto Crusade Exit

Demo Video


Instructions for Activation:



1. Mod features have to be loaded first before use. Some features are game-imbedded while some others have a separate ui. Tap on Xbot and then Xmod to activate them.

2. Simulate Battle allows you to practise Dungeons without any loss of resources or stamina. You can try an infinite amount of times to find the best lineup that suits you. 


take sim_副本.jpg

3. Auto Crusade Exit prevents your heroes from dying because of over-time battle in Crucible of Fire. This will combine with Auto Retreat on Death(s) to help you save heroes on the journey of Crucible Dungeons.




Credits: Xmodgames (for the mod)